Legislation/Local Ordinances Legislation/Local Ordinances

Local Ordinances

Following are laws that have been adopted by California jurisdictions:


Date of Adoption

Alameda County 01/25/2012
Arcata [PDF, 2.96MB] 12/04/2013
Belmont 01/08/2013
Beverly Hills [PDF, 475KB] 04/22/2014
Brisbane 03/18/2013
Burlingame 03/18/2013
Calabasas 02/09/2011
Campbell 07/16/2013
Capitola 01/10/2013
Carpinteria 03/12/2012
Chico 05/20/2014
Colma [PDF, 71KB] 01/09/2013
Culver City 05/28/2013
Cupertino 01/15/2013
Daly City 01/14/2013
Dana Point [PDF, 55KB] 03/06/2012
Desert Hot Springs 03/18/2014
Davis 11/12/2013
East Palo Alto 04/02/2013
El Cerrito 09/18/2013
Fairfax 11/04/2008
Fort Bragg 05/14/2012
Foster City 01/08/2013
Glendale 01/22/2013
Half Moon Bay 02/20/2013
Huntington Beach 04/01/2013
Indio 05/15/2014
Laguna Beach 02/28/2012
Long Beach 05/24/2011
Los Altos 03/12/2013
City of Los Angeles 06/26/2013
County of Los Angeles [PDF, 366KB] 11/16/2010
Malibu 05/27/2008
Manhattan Beach 07/14/2008
County of Marin [PDF, 564KB] 01/25/2011
Martinez [PDF, 937KB] 06/18/2014
County of Mendocino 06/12/2012
Menlo Park 01/22/2013
Mill Valley 10/21/2013
Millbrae 02/14/2012
Monrovia 07/01/2014
City of Monterey 12/06/2011
Morgan Hill [PDF, 293KB] 11/06/2013
Mountain View 12/11/2012
Novato 03/18/2014
Ojai 04/10/2012
Pacifica 12/10/2012
Pasadena 11/07/2011
Palm Desert 05/08/2014
Palm Springs 04/02/2014
Palo Alto 03/30/2009
Pittsburg 10/21/2013
Portola Valley 01/23/2013
Redwood City 03/25/2013
Richmond 06/18/2013
San Bruno 02/01/2013
San Carlos 02/26/2013
San Francisco 04/20/2007
San Jose 01/11/2011
San Luis Obispo 01/11/2012
City of San Mateo 05/06/2013
County of San Mateo 11/06/2012
San Pablo 10/08/2013
San Rafael 03/03/2014
Santa Barbara 10/15/2013
County of Santa Clara 05/10/2011
City of Santa Cruz 07/10/2012
County of Santa Cruz 09/13/2011
Santa Monica 02/08/2011
Sausalito [PDF, 915KB] 03/18/2014
Solana Beach [PDF, 95KB] 05/09/2012
Sonoma County 02/19/2014
South Lake Tahoe 10/15/2013
South Pasadena 05/07/2014
South San Francisco 12/12/2012
Sunnyvale 12/13/2011
Town of Los Gatos 09/03/2013
Town of Truckee 11/25/2013
Ukiah 05/02/2012
Walnut Creek 03/04/2014
Watsonville 05/08/2012
West Hollywood 08/20/2012

State of California

To view past legislative bills, click here.

  • SB 270 (Padilla/De Leon/Lara - 2014) - Among other things, this bill, as of July 1, 2015, would prohibit stores that have a specified amount of sales in dollars or retail floor space from providing a single-use carryout bag to a customer, with specified exceptions. The bill would also prohibit a store from selling or distributing a recycled paper bag and reusable bags at the point of sale unless the store makes that bag available for purchase for not less than $0.10. The bill would require reusable bags sold in the State to meet certain conditions. The bill would allow a local public agency that has adopted an ordinance related to grocery bags prior to September 1, 2014, to continue to enforce and implement that ordinance and would preempt any amendments to that ordinance except that the bill would allow a local public agency to adopt or amend an ordinance setting a price for a recycled paper bag, compostable bag, or reusable grocery bag. This bill would appropriate $2,000,000 from the Recycling Market Development Revolving Loan Subaccount to the CalRecycle for the purposes of providing loans and grants for the creation and retention of jobs and economic activity in State for the manufacture and recycling of plastic reusable grocery bags that use recycled content.

    Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee

  • SB 1219 (Wolk – 2012) - Extends at-store recycling program of plastic carryout bags until January 1, 2020, and repeals the provisions preempting local regulatory action.

    Status: Chaptered 09-19-12

  • AB 2449 (Levine – 2006) - Mandates at-store recycling of plastic carryout bags by all large supermarkets and retail businesses beginning July 1, 2007.

    Status: Chaptered 09-30-06

Other Municipalities

To view past legislative bills, click here.

  • HR 1686 (Moran – 2013) - This bill would impose a retail tax on disposable carryout bags. The amount of tax would be $0.05 per disposable carryout bag.

    Status: Referred to Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation.

Following are laws that have been adopted by other jurisdictions:


Date of Adoption

Ashland, OR [PDF, 138KB] 05/06/2014
Aspen, CO 10/11/2011
Austin, TX [PDF, 151KB] 03/01/2012
Bainbridge Island, WA 04/11/2012
Barrington, RI [PDF, 287KB] 10/01/2012
Bellingham, WA 08/01/2011
Bethel, AK [PDF, 154KB] 07/14/2009
Bisbee, AZ 09/03/2013
Boulder, CO 11/15/2012
Brownsville, TX 09/23/2010
Carbondale, CO 10/25/2011
Chestertown, MD 04/04/2011
Chicago, IL 04/30/2014
District of Columbia 09/23/2009
Edmonds, WA 07/28/2009
Eugene, OR 10/29/2012
Fort Stockton, TX 02/08/2011
County of Hawaii 01/03/2012
Honolulu, HI [PDF, 503KB] 05/10/2012
Issaquah, WA 06/04/2012
Kauai County, HI 10/07/2009
Kermit, TX 07/29/2013
Lacey, WA [PDF, 826KB] 02/13/2014
Laredo, TX [PDF, 60KB] 08/19/2013
Leaf Rapids, Manitoba, Canada 03/22/2007
Manchester, MA 04/02/2013
Marshall County, IA 09/16/2008
Town of Marblehead, MA 05/05/2014
Maui County, HI 08/25/2008
Mercer Island, WA 12/02/2013
Montgomery County, MD 05/03/2011
Mukilteo, WA 12/12/2011
Nantucket, MA 03/14/1990
Outer Banks, NC [PDF, 24KB] 06/23/2009
Portland, ME 06/16/2014
Portland, OR 07/21/2011
Port Townsend, WA 07/02/2012
Rye, NY 12/08/2011
Santa Fe, NM 08/27/2013
Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada [PDF, 38KB] 07/07/2009
Seattle, WA 12/19/2011
Shoreline, WA 04/29/2013
South Australia, Australia 11/20/2008
South Padre Island, TX [PDF, 38KB] 01/19/2011
Telluride, CO 10/05/2010
Thompson, Manitoba, Canada [PDF, 88KB] 09/27/2010
Thurston County, WA 09/24/2013
Town of Brookline, MA 11/14/2012
Town of Great Barrington, MA 05/06/2013
Tumwater, WA 09/17/2013
Village of Larchmont, NY 03/19/2013
Village of Mamaroneck, NY 07/16/2012
Westport, CT 09/02/2008

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