Los Angeles County Building and Safety
Building and Safety Division - Drainage and Grading Section
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Unless otherwise directed by the Building Official, the Field Engineer for all engineered grading projects shall prepare routine inspection reports as required under Section J105.11 of the County of Los Angeles Building Code. These reports, known as “Report of Grading Activities”, shall be submitted to the Building Official as follows:

          1. Bi-weekly during all times when grading of 400 cubic yards or more per week is occurring on the site;
          2. Monthly, at all other times; and
          3. at any time when requested in writing by the Building Official.

Such “Report of Grading Activities” shall certify to the Building Official that the Field Engineer has inspected the grading site and related activities and has found them in compliance with the approved grading plans and specifications, the building code, all grading permit conditions, and all other applicable ordinances and requirements.
(For example: GR0801010001)