Cross-Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Program

Customer Self-Help

When a property requires backflow protection as mandated by California Administrative Code, Title 17, the customer will be responsible for: (1) having an approved backflow prevention assembly installed on their property and (2) ensuring this assembly undergoes routine testing on an annual basis by a certified tester. As a courtesy each year, LACWD will mail both a written notice as well as a backflow test form to each affected customer when it is time for the annual test of their backflow prevention assembly; otherwise if the form is lost, the form may be downloaded using the following hyperlink: Backflow Prevention Assembly Field Test and Maintenance Report Form

The customer is also responsible for contracting a certified tester, providing them with the test form, and ensuring that the completed test form is submitted to the return address listed on the form before the specified due date. A list of certified testers can be found using the following hyperlink:

It is recommended that the customer keeps a copy of the completed backflow test form for their own records.

A water shut-off notice will be issued to customers who fail to arrange having their backflow prevention assembly tested by a certified tester before the specified due date. If the customer is non-responsive within the allotted time, LACWD may terminate water service to the property until the assembly is tested and the completed form is submitted.

Cross -Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Program Background

A cross-connection is any connection between a safe drinking water system and any other untested water source, system, or equipment that may contain unsafe substance. LACWD’s public water systems are designed to keep water flowing in one direction—from LACWD’s water main to the customers’ connections. When an undesirable condition known as backflow occurs, water can flow in the opposite direction and may bring contaminants or pollutant into the public drinking water supply through a cross-connection.

Cross-Connection Hazard Backpressure

Backflow is caused by a backsiphonage or a backpressure condition in the public water system. Backsiphonage may occur when the pressure in the public water system drops below atmospheric pressure and creates a vacuum that may pull unsafe substance into the public water supply. Backpressure may occur when the pressure from a private water system becomes greater than the pressure in the public water system. This difference in pressure may allow unsafe substance from the private water system to enter the public water system. Approved backflow prevention assemblies are designed to prevent backflow of contaminants or pollutants from entering the public water systems.

Cross-Connection Hazard Backpressure

In order to protect our public water systems from potential contamination, LACWD has implemented a Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program (Program) in accordance with the California Administrative Code, Title 17. The program consists the following elements:

  • Maintain inventory of all the backflow prevention assemblies for LACWD's water systems
  • Ensure annual testing of all backflow prevention assemblies
  • Complete plan reviews for new connections to LACWD's water systems
  • Train employees on cross-connection control and backflow prevention

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