Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts is committed to ensuring a reliable supply for future generations. The following projects and programs implemented by the Districts highlight the efforts we have taken to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our operations.

Featured Projects and Practices

Featured Studies

Groundwater Recharge Groundwater Recharge
Stores excess water during wet years for future use and drought periods.
In-Situ Arsenic Removal Study In-Situ Arsenic Removal Study
Uses natural soil to reduce high arsenic levels in water. Reduces dependence on energy intensive alternative methods.
Solar Power System Solar Power System
Produces solar power to operate two groundwater wells. Reduces dependence on conventional power.
Biological Nitrate Removal Study Biological Nitrate Removal Study
Removes nitrate from groundwater using natural bacteria. Reduces dependence on energy intensive alternative methods.
Energy Efficiency Program Energy Efficiency Program
Saves energy through equipment retrofit and maintenance.
Fleet Right Sizing Study Fleet Right Sizing Study
Reduces fuel consumption and vehicle replacement costs by developing an optimal fuel efficient fleet.
Water Conservation Water Conservation
Reduces water use through incentives, education, and outreach.
Renewable Micro-Hydropower Project Renewable Micro-Hydropower Project
Harvests energy from the turbine pressure drop converting it into green electricity.
Video Conferencing System Video Conferencing System
Reduces the need to travel between offices which reduces fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, and improves work efficiency.
My Waterworks Account Manager My Waterworks Account Manager
Saves time and money through reduced phone calls, in-person visits, and electronic bills.

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