Upper Santa Clara River Watershed
Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

About Integrated Regional Water Management

Regional collaboration can promote a more efficient, comprehensive, and effective approach to water resource management while being responsive within a regional context to the needs of individual communities and jurisdictions. In addition, as State funding is becoming more oriented toward regional planning, it is in the Upper Santa Clara Region's best interests to develop an IRWMP to successfully compete for future funding opportunities. The Upper Santa Clara Region IRWMP will serve as the blueprint to facilitate this type of regional cooperation.

Today, local agencies, organizations, cities, and county government are working together to develop an IRWMP for the Region that is inclusive and provides opportunities for cost effective solutions to address the water resource needs of the Region.

The Region's IRWMP is being developed under the following framework:

  • A Regional Water Management Group will provide overall guidance to the steering committees and the region-wide planning effort.
  • Each group or agency in the Upper Santa Clara region may send a stake holder representative to the meetings.
  • Members of the public are welcome to observe and comment during the public comment period at the end of each meeting.