Streetlight Request

  1. If you wish to request new or additional streetlights in your community, please complete the information on the Streetlight Request page, or contact Street Lighting Section at (626) 300-4753.

  2. Upon receipt of your request, we will:
    • Determine if a petition is needed.
    • Prepare a petition and streetlight layout for a member of the community to circulate among property owners affected by the proposed streetlights.

      Note: Not everyone favors the installation of streetlights. Some object to the way they look or prefer not to have them installed near their homes. Particularly, the communities in rural areas have concerns on the impact of street lighting on wildlife and star gazing opportunities.

    • Upon receiving the petition with the signature of property owners representing at least 60 percent of the benefitted area, we will host a community meeting to address any concern and questions on the street light installation process. We will also proceed with the legal process required for the Board of Supervisors to approve the installation of streetlights.
    • Typically, it takes 8 to 12 months to process the request and install the streetlights if the area is within an existing County lighting district. If the area is not within a County lighting district then annexation is required which can take up to 12 months to annex the area into a County lighting district and additional 8 to 12 months to install the streetlights.
  3. Streetlights on wood poles with overhead wiring can be installed at a no cost to the property owners. Concrete poles with overhead or underground wiring can also be installed with the installation cost paid for by the benefitting property owners. There is an annual assessment charge to fund the operation, maintenance, and capital improvements in the County lighting district. The amount of the assessment varies depending on the type of property use (i.e., single-family resident or commercial business).