Small Cell Program

Streetlight poles have become a valuable asset as telecommunications companies (telecom) seek to expand their infrastructure for 5G wireless service and connectivity. This infrastructure is a system of wireless telecommunications facilities, also known as "small cells", that can be mounted on top of streetlight poles.

Public Works is fully compliant with the Federal Communications Commission Ruling and Order accepts applications to install small cell infrastructure on County streetlights.

Applications for small cells must follow our small cell guidelines and Wireless Ordinance. Applications will be reviewed by Public Works and will be checked for aesthetic compliance, zoning conformance, structural feasibility, streetlighting requirements, and electrical requirements.

Applications can be filed though EPICLA. Applications for small cells located on a scenic route, area of ecological significance, or in the coastal zone will require additional review by the Department of Regional Planning. For streetlights within the County Maintained Lighting District (CLMD) but owned by Southern California Edison (SCE), Public Works will review the application and send authorization to SCE. Applications for CLMD streetlights that are owned by the County will not be accepted until a Streetlight Master License Agreement (SMLA) is entered by the applicant and Public Works. Small cells on SCE owned streetlights to be transferred to Public Works ownership are also subject to the SMLA, and shall be removed unless a SMLA has been authorized.

For questions regarding zoning, please contact Regional Planning at or 213-974-6411.

For more information on the Streetlight Master License Agreement and to view a sample agreement, proceed to the License Agreement page.