Streetlight Master License Agreement

Telecommunications companies must enter into a Streetlight Master License Agreement (SMLA) with the County to establish a mutually agreeable framework to install small cells on County Lighting District owned and maintained streetlights. The SMLA will define license fees, establish maintenance requirements, safety requirements, streamline application process, and protect all parties from liability. Below is a sample SMLA in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission, and the County Title 16 Wireless Ordinance.

Key terms in the SMLA are:
  • Term – The initial term of the SMLA is five (5) years with two automatic five-year extensions.
  • Termination for Cause – County may terminate for violation of SMLA upon 60- day written notice.
  • Termination without Cause – Either party may terminate with 6-month notice for the SMLA or 30-day notice for an individual pole.
  • Termination for Public Necessity – County may terminate the use of any individual pole for public health or safety reasons but must use reasonable efforts to find an alternate pole for the small cell equipment.
  • Co-Location – For administrative, visual, and safety reasons, only one telecom can install their small cell equipment on each streetlight pole.
  • Fees – The licensee shall pay an annual fee of $270 per small cell equipment attached to each streetlight pole.
  • The County shall be reimbursed for all expense associated with negotiation and processing of the SMLA.

To inquire about a SMLA, contact the Small Call Program Manager, Victor Le at vle@pw.lacounty.goV. An initial deposit will be required to cover negotiations and processing of the agreement. After approval from the County Board of Supervisors, any unused funds will be refunded.