Photo of mudflow in the Pickens Debris Basin, 2009-2010 storm season

Proper management of sediment is necessary to protect public safety, property, and ensure adequate quality of life. The accumulation of sediment within reservoirs, debris basins and streams can reduce the storage capacity in those facilities which reduces the potential for providing water supply benefits and preventing flooding. When accumulation occurs within the stream channel, localized street flooding or inundation of public and private property may occur. Recent catastrophic fires in the region have also resulted in heavy sedimentation at downstream dam and debris basin facilities drastically reducing flood management and water storage capabilities. Sediment from the reservoirs and debris basins are hauled to various LACFCD sediment placement sites. These sediment placement sites can fill up quickly prompting the need for the LACFCD to plan and search for new sediment placement sites and alternative methods for dealing with the sediment.

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