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  • Save money
  • Reduce waste
  • Protect the environment

The Problem: Single-use 1 lb. Propane Cylinders

  • Single-use cylinders are dangerous. When "empty," single-use cylinders often still contain a small amount of gas, posing a danger to sanitation workers due to the risk of explosions and resulting fires. Because of the danger involved, they cost millions of dollars to recycle and dispose of properly.

  • Single-use cylinders are expensive: 80% of the price consumers pay is for the packaging. Residents pay more for the packaging than for the actual gas.

  • Single-use 1 lb. propane cylinders should NEVER be refilled, as regulated by the US Department of Transportation to prevent fire hazards. Single-use cylinders are not designed to be safely refilled and can cause serious injuries or even death.

  • Every year in North America, 40 million single-use 1 lb. propane cylinders are used, with over four million in California alone. Because of limited recycling options, empty cylinders are often improperly disposed of in landfills, dumpsters, household trash, campsites, on the roadside, or in recycling containers.

  • Even when single-use cylinders are properly disposed, they are often very costly to handle, usually costing local governments and parks $10-$25 per cylinder to transport, recover any leftover gas, and recycle the cylinder for scrap metal.

The Solution: Reusable 1 lb. Propane Cylinders

  • Reusable cylinders can save residents money when refilling because they only pay for the gas and filling service, not the container. A refill ranges in cost, but the typical cost for refilling a reusable 1 lb. propane cylinder typically comes out to $2-$4 per cylinder.

  • A reusable cylinder can last up to 10 years and can be refilled hundreds of times. They are designed to be safely refilled and include the following safety features: double steel walls, bleeder valves, brass valves that seal after every refill, and more solid welds.

  • Reusables reduce the impact on landfills and the environment by reducing the amount of single-use 1 lb. propane cylinders in the waste stream.

  • While adapters and refill kits are sold in the U.S., we do not endorse refilling 1 lb. propane cylinders at home. Refilling is safe when done by a professional, and there are many refill locations across the State.

  • Reusable retailer and refill locations can be found at