Stormwater Engineering Division

SWED Mission ~ Provide flood protection and water conservation through expert water resources management.

SWED Vision ~ To be recognized experts in water resources, including surface and groundwater hydrology, sedimentation, water conservation, and dam safety.

SWED Values ~ The Division is committed to professionalism, teamwork, respect, responsiveness, integrity, creativity, and open-mindedness.

SWED manages and directs the operation and improvements of the Department's 14 dams, 26 spreading grounds, 3 seawater barriers, and 1 hydroelectric plant; performs hydrology and sedimentation studies; gathers and disseminates hydraulic and hydrological data (rainfall, runoff, evaporation); performs studies and improvement planning on dams, spreading grounds, seawater barriers, debris basins, and sediment placement sites; provides post-wildfire support in the form of burn area and debris flow mapping and providing engineering advice to residents who could be affected by post-fire debris flows, and coordinating the installation of post-fire debris mitigation measures investigates drainage deficiencies and recommends solutions; enforces the Channel Ordinance Code; and operates and maintains flood control facility instrumentation and gages.