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Water is one of our greatest natural resources. Years of drought have caused local aquifers and regional water sources to deplete significantly. As residents we are responsible to conserve and not waste water.

In July 2021, Governor Newsom issued an executive order requesting that Californians cut their water use by 15% in response to the state drought emergency. To learn how to conserve water and save money in the process, visit the State Waterboard and the County Waterworks Districts.

Remember, a few simple steps at home could make a huge impact. For indoor water-saving tips, click here. Some more practical tips to conserve water:

  • Adjust sprinklers so they do not water driveways and sidewalks
  • Use a broom to sweep your driveway instead of using the hose
  • Check sprinkler systems for broken and clogged sprinkler heads
  • Water in early morning or late evening with shorter bursts
  • Use a shut-off nozzle on your hose
  • Plant California natives and drought-tolerant plants

  • Water Conservation

    A message on drought-tolerant landscaping:

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