Field Council

Field Council
Field Council

The Field Council was formed in 2006 as part of the Department’s Values Management Program. In 2009, the Field Council was awarded a National Association of Counties Achievement Award and later that year was recognized by the American Public Works Association for its leadership.

The Council meets on a monthly basis in the Alhambra headquarters to address issues, pursue growth in the headquarters/field relationship, and exchange information for members to share with the field employees they represent.

Mission of the Field Council
To build respect, improve communication, promote approachability, create a greater sense of inclusion, and support career development for all field employees.
Vision of the Field Council
“One Big Team for Public Works built on trust, respect, pride, and cooperation.”
Values of the Field Council
The Field Council promotes and practices the DPW values, S-P-I-R-I-T:
✔ Safety
✔ Professionalism
✔ Integrity
✔ Respect
✔ Innovation
✔ The Environment