Condition Assessment Program Questions

Q: I received a letter, titled "ACCESS TO SANITARY SEWER EASEMENTS FOR CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION INSPECTION PROJECT NO. YOTV0X0XX." Do I need to let these people into my house and backyard?

A: You received this letter by one of our subcontractors who is currently conducting Closed Circut Television (CCTV) inspection of the sanitary sewerlines in your neighborhood. The contractor only needs access to all manholes that are located in easements on your property, which may include your backyard.

The contractor will be there for a short period of time, less than one hour, and will be inserting a robotic camera into the manhole located in your yard, and will be inspecting the sewerline through the robot.

Your help in providing access to our contractor listed on the letter is greatly appreciated, and will help us to continue to provide top notch service and maintenance of your sanitary sewer system.

Q: I have seen trucks around the neighborhood near open sewer manholes. What are they doing?

A: These trucks are operated by our maintenance crews, or by subcontractors, who are using CCTV inspection to inspect the sewerlines in your neighborhood.